Virtual Photo Gallery

Welcome to the Amoration Gallery at Fotki! AMO Studio welcomes you to this inside look at our work in MidCity Los Angeles. We are currently hard at work on ManorMeta, producing video shorts that accompany some of the photos you'll see in our galleries. We're building Camp Darfur with our friends at and the Omidyar Network, and we invite you to join us in Second Life or in LA for one of our upcoming events.

Most paintings and glasswork have been sold; select pieces are available or come to our studio for an interactive workshop and make your own amulet. Explore the AMO archives and request prints of any work to benefit our nonprofit programs. Artists, producers and builders are available through the AMO Studio; email us your requests to

Our studio is renovating into a masterpiece in Los Angeles! The artspace is hosting salons and we host regular events in our theatre. For more on space to share visit

50% of every Fotki sale goes directly to AMO nonprofit education and media projects. In partnership with the International Humanities Center and the many amazing Amoration partners who continue to build this work we are taking on new challenges and sharing our successes here with you.

Please take a moment to leave comments or sign our guest book. Visit Amoration to learn more about our global bridgebuilding projects and make a gift to our studio.
Thank you for making these photos possible.

Evonne Heyning
Creative Director, Amoration

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