Virtual Photo Gallery

Bodypainting Catalog

Samples of Body Art from many artists around the world. This album is used for educational purposes only and credit is given to the artist when known.


Destruction and Rebirth from Black Rock City, 2004-2007


The Plush Nonprofit Commons in Second Life


Special events, kids faces, anything and everything painted

Better World Media

Better World Island and beyond, the best in new media on Second Life.

Camp Darfur
Camp Darfur in Los Angeles, Second Life and around the world


Grand opening of Phil's Supermarket and Food Island in Second Life; including pictures from Second Harvest check signing and Kraft booth at FMI show in Chicago, May 7, 2007


fuente eterno phoenix project flaming hips and jesse wright, of course

Logos and Banners

Amoration logos and banners, and work of partners and team members for publications.

ISEA New West

ManorMeta beta build for *Architecture*
ISEA New West Show curated by Ludica for Second Life

In Kenzo and Common Cure, builders
Amoration Studio and Toyshoppe Productions


Suzanne Vega on Infinite Mind in Second Life


Relics from past art and activism projects with descriptions and links. For art consulting services, visit

Camp Darfur Comix

Camp Darfur Comix, remixed from Second Life Camp Darfur on Better World Island as a genocide and humantarian aid educational project of Amoration.

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